A Great Example of a Green Hotel

One of the leaders in the Green Hotel Revolution is Proximity Hotel, a LEED Platinum certified hotel.

 This type of thinking has provided “Green Benifits” that will last for decades .

There is over 75+ sustainable practices incorporated with this Hotel. Some of its key green features are: 

  • The building uses 41% less energy than a conventional hotel/restaurant.
  • The property uses the sun’s energy (which heats around 60% of the water requirements) using 100 solar panels which covers the 4,000 square feet of rooftop.
  • Newly-engineered variable speed hoods in the restaurant use a series of sensors to set the power according to the kitchen’s needs and adjusts to a lower level of operation (typically 25% of their full capacity).
  • The sensors also detect heat, smoke or other effluents and increase the fan speed to keep the air fresh.
  • Geothermal energy is used for the restaurant’s refrigeration equipment, instead of a standard water-cooled system, saving significant amounts of water.
  • The property also has  Regenerative Drive model of the Otis’ Gen2 elevator reduces net energy usage by capturing the system’s energy and feeds it back into the building’s internal electrical grid.
  • Water usage has been reduced by 33% by installing high-efficiency Kohler plumbing fixtures, saving two million gallons of water the first year.
  • Air quality improved by circulating large amounts of outside air into guestrooms (60 cubic feet per minute) and doing so in an energy efficient way by employing “energy recovery” technology where the outside air is tempered by the air being exhausted. 
  • Low-emitting volatile organic compound (VOC) paints, adhesives, carpets, etc were used so as to reduces indoor air contamination

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