Air New Zealand Boeing 747-400 Rolls-Royce powered test flight last year has found that up to 1.4 tonnes of fuel can be saved on a twelve-hour long haul flight powered by a 50/50 blend of second generation jatropha sustainable biofuel and traditional Jet A1.

The test flight, was carried out on 30 December as part of a drive for more sustainable air travel.

This test programme included extensive on-the-ground and inflight tests of the engine and aircraft components.

During the comprehensive flight test, analysis was carried out at various altitudes and under a variety of operating conditions to measure the biofuel’s performance through the engine and fuel systems. 

 The report also found that the biofuel’s properties offer some performance improvements over Jet A1 due to its higher net heat of combustion including: The report says the test flight has demonstrated that more sustainable air travel can be achieved by refiners, airframe manufacturers, engine makers and airlines working together.


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