Green Globe updates its green certification process for travel industry

Green Globe Certification is has updated and upgraded its certification to keep pace with the latest scientific data in sustainability, according to Green Ensuring that it keeps up to speed with the latest scientific data and developments in sustainability, Green Globe has increased its certification requirements to 248 separate line items for businesses including restaurants, hotels and resorts in areas such as purchasing, emissions and energy.

The certification program has also been designed to take into account the special requirements of each client and takes into consideration factors such as geographic location, type of business operation and other additional unique aspects of the business and its local area.

These new requirements maintain the high standards that the world has come to expect, while continuing to meet the individual needs of clients as they verify their sustainability credentials through the Green Globe Certification program.

Registration for the Green Globe Index tool, allows clients to calculate their carbon footprint and track their performance of energy and water consumption and non-recyclable waste production, has now been included in the requirements of certification.

The Green Globe brand is a symbol for the world’s increasing awareness of environmental responsibility and response to global climate change.

For more information on the updated certification standards, please visit


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