1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to safe, drinkable water

It is estimated 1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to safe, drinkable water and NIKA has created a platform to change the lives of these people affected and to do it in a carbon neutral manner, thus preventing additional damage to the environment.

NIKA, the first CarbonFree® certified and one of the most environmentally responsible bottled waters on the market, is donating 100 percent of its profits to alleviate global poverty and create drinkable water solutions in third-world nations, NIKA takes an environmentally responsible approach to combating this global crisis. The company is based in San Diego, and new brand is currently sold in case quantities for home and business delivery and is beginning to venture into partnerships with core retailers who believe and support its mission to provide clean drinking water and sanitation practices globally.

NIKA offsets its carbon footprint by funding the planting of trees in a “NIKA Forest” in Nicaragua to naturally absorb carbon from the atmosphere. NIKA has also pledged that for every bottle of their water sold they will ensure that a corresponding plastic bottle is taken out of the environment and recycled. To do this, NIKA is working with schools and universities around the country to create plastic bottle buy‐back programs. Participating schools will have their empty plastic bottles collected and recycled by NIKA for a minimal fee.

Initially, NIKA’s charitable giving is focused on water projects of Free the Children, Millennium Promise and Project Concern International. Each of these organizations has substantial on-the-ground efforts throughout the world to help combat poverty by reducing the prevalence of contaminated water and unsafe sanitation. The company’s first philanthropic projects are already underway including a 500 person school in Kenya, a well for an orphanage in Uganda, a water well for a village in Sri Lanka which was destroyed by the 2004 tsunami and a clean water project in Nicaragua. Estimated costs for the first Nika funded projects are approximately $300,000.

Another great aspect of this water is its packaging or should I say artwork that is wrapped around the bottle. There are three colorful paintings from internationally renowned portrait painter Stephen Bennett, each label is a reminder of the individuals who benefit from NIKA’s mission. Suggest you buy a case or two!

To learn more about NIKA and the many projects underway, please visit us at www.nikawater.org


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