Eco-friendly Initiatives at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown

The environmentally conscious, Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel has planted a 120-square foot seasonal garden on the fourth-floor deck of the 31-floor hotel growing chilies, okra, mint, peppers and a variety of herbs which will be incorporated into dishes served in the hotel; and is working with Philips Electronics to determine possible CFL or LED technology for custom lighting fixtures that currently only work with traditional incandescent bulbs.

Other eco-friendly initiatives from the Sheraton Phoenix include:

  • A comprehensive banquet recycling program;
  • The installation of a So Clear water filtration system to purify water and reduce waste;
  • The creation of an internal “Green Team” that regularly meets to proactively identify ways in which the hotel can be more sustainable as well as being responsible for identifying, implementing and training fellow associates on new sustainable practices, which included the roll-out of digital menus which are now available in all catering settings;
  • Has made a commitment to utilize the most energy efficient lighting possible by utilizing CFL or LED lighting wherever possible which yields a tremendous reduction on energy consumption (utilizing CFL light bulbs in all of the 1,000 guestrooms, the hotel uses just 24% of the electricity of a hotel that does not utilize CFL bulbs – a savings that would power approximately 31 U.S. households per year as well as reducing the quantity of light bulbs sent to the landfill by 800%);
  • Use a local grower for many of the additional produce items which also collects the compostable items for use as compost on the farm continuing a sustainable cycle.
  • Has developed a comprehensive recycling program that extends throughout the entire hotel. Guests can recycle in their rooms, associates can recycle in their offices and meeting planners can customize plans and amenities to reduce waste: and
  • The hotel also works closely with other community partners such as Waste Not to donate unused items rather than send them directly to a landfill.



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