Climate change to impact tourist attractions

International scientists believe tourism will be critically affected by climate change from as early as 2030. Dr. Stefan Gossling a climate change specialist, from Sweden’s Lund University, said some

businesses had started carbon neutralising schemes but there was little debate in the scientific community about the impact of climate change on global tourism assets.

“Tourism will be more severely affected by climate change than any other [industry] sector because it is more reliant on climate,” Dr. Gossling said. “From the alpine regions to Kakadu,

there will be significant loss of biodiversity and business operations.”

This is backed by the CSIRO, which has assessed the likely effects of climate change on five key Australian tourism destinations, including Cairns. Principal research scientist

Kevin Hennessy said climate change would be felt in parts of Australia within a decade. “We project a 10-40 per cent reduction in snow cover at the ski fields by 2020”.


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