Australia’s first 6 star conservation-based resort takes shape

Emirates’ Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa “luxury with a conscience” announced recently that it was on track for completion and its soft opening on 1 October this year. Located in the centre of the Blue Mountains World Heritage area, the resort will be Australia’s first conservation-based resort, dedicating 98 percent of its 4,000 acre land to a wildlife reserve.

General Manager Joost Heymeijer said the resort’s “hard construction work” including its electrical and water systems had finished with the focus now shifting onto details such as each suite’s fit-out and interior design. Materials used to build the property include natural and recycled materials such as sandstone and timber and features custom-made furniture available for guests to purchase for their own homes.

The resort has already fully furnished half of its 40 individual suites and is currently constructing its Main Homestead which will act as the social centre, main pool area and gymnasium and Timeless Spa. Each suite will be clad with private decks, their own indoor/outdoor swimming pool, separate living, sleeping areas, en suite bathroom and fireplace.

The resort is approximately 3 hours outside of Sydney, and expects to attract both local and international guests.


2 thoughts on “Australia’s first 6 star conservation-based resort takes shape

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