Travellers soon to be able to hire clothes for their holiday

Travellers will be able to hire clothes for their holiday instead of lugging heavy baggage to the airport in a new service to be launched in Australia next year. Under the new concept, people will be able to book the clothes they want online before they embark on their trip. The items will be waiting in their hotel room when they arrive. Canadian entrepreneur Catharine MacIntosh hopes to launch the Zero Baggage concept simultaneously on the Gold Coast and her hometown, Toronto, late next year. Ms MacIntosh said the move, as well as being more energy-efficient, would save time wasted waiting in queues with bags and the worry about your bag being lost or stolen. Travellers will be able to choose between new and pre-worn clothes. Ms MacIntosh will unveil the idea at a Tourism Futures Conference on the Gold Coast this month, and has vowed to keep costs reasonable. "In Australia, the highest percentage of travellers is the backpacking crowd and I think a lot of people would be happy to use pre-loved items," Ms MacIntosh said. "When you think about removing almost half the weight from a plane when you get rid of passenger luggage, it’s quite a sustainable action in terms of energy. "At this point, considering the economy and travel, we need to look at new ideas." Regular traveller Jean Burns said the option was something she would consider when it became available. Flying home to Dubai with her two teenage children from Brisbane last week, Mrs Burns said the idea of being able to carry less baggage around airports was an appealing concept.


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