eco minded canopy cools hotel beds

When we wrote about the Evening Breeze bed almost a year ago, it was sold as an integrated four-poster unit with built-in sustainable cooling. Aiming to give buyers more flexibility, Evening Breeze now offers a stand-alone canopy that can be used to cool any bed.

Launched last fall, the Evening Breeze Canopi features an integrated ventilation system that gently directs sustainably cooled air over any bed without any noise or draft. As with the Evening Breeze original, the Canopi’s climate system uses the environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant; it also uses at least 60 percent less energy than traditional air conditioning systems. Not only that, but a room’s windows can even be left open for freshness since the cooling is focused so directly on the sleeper.

Whereas the Evening Breeze original was aimed primarily at tropical hoteliers, the Canopi is available to consumers as well through select retailers in the Netherlands Antilles, Belgium and the Netherlands. Pricing is (a rather steep) EUR 3,599, including installation. Hoteliers and retailers alike: time to help cool off green-minded consumers in your part of the overheated world…?

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