Green hotels gaining popularity in Thailand

More Thailand properties move towards green environmentally friendly as guests demand a more greener footprint. The leading foundation in Thailand is the Green Leaf Foundation. The foundation has three categories of green-hotel certification — Green Leaf, Health Promotion and Smoke Free.

An example of a resort that has made a great green contribution is the Dusit Resort Pattaya, which has received a Five Green Leaf Certificate (the highest level) from the foundation, has saved about 100,000 baht a month in electricity and water costs since making a serious effort to go green.

Unfortunately a lot of hoteliers believe being environmentally friendly means having to spend huge sums of money to become green, this is not necessarily the case. In fact by asking guests to change their habits and attitudes. Hotels need to encourage guests to keep their towels and sheets for a few days instead of changing them on a daily basis. This save water, reduces power bills as well as the use of detergents.

A saving can also be achieved by hotels by just switching from chlorine to salt in their swimming pools. The result of this simple activity could reduce that cost by about 60%. There are now 250 Green Leaf  Hotels, up from 130 last year, with the number expected to grow further over the next several months. The foundation also sees a positive trend in the lower Health Promotion and Smoke Free categories. Leading Bangkok hotels Grand Hyatt Erawan and the beautiful Banyan Tree carry the Green Leaf.

Stephen Duggan


3 thoughts on “Green hotels gaining popularity in Thailand

  1. A lot of the hotels here in Turkey do not have any concept about what being green means. Any organization who runs official classes or gives guidance, immediately charges which puts the hoteliers off.

    An individual who tries to talk about being green is not taken notice of because they do not belong to any organization.

    Catch two situation. Any company will charge for their services but because there is no major push by the government on sustainable tourism, no one is interested.

    • hi,
      thank you for the comments, it is dissapointing to read that green is not getting traction in Turkey. There needs to be support from the travel industry and government to encourage properties to go green. Are the international brands promoting green?

  2. Hi Stephen,

    The major tour companies teach their reps and customers about it, and that is where it stops. If the rep tries to pass anything onto the hotel, the hotel takes no notice.

    One Tour operator did put hoteliers in touch with an organization but that organization charged, as they would do. The charge put hoteliers off. Even though the organization would complete an inspection of the hotel, advise of changes that need to be done and upon those changes issue a certificate.

    The hoteliers do not believe that the certificate would encourage bookings as they said they get bookings without the certificate anyway.

    Maybe expecting too much at this stage, as local councils etc rolled out a recycling program and that stopped as soon as it started. Also if it was not for the tour companies, a lot of heath and safety issues would be non existent within Turkey. One step at a time maybe?

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