Travelers want to go green when booking a hotel

Online travel destination site, Travelocity announced its findings that green hotels are scoring higher points with travelers than their less-than green counterparts – suggesting that not only are eco-friendly hotels better for the planet, but that travellers are now more inclined to stay at a green hotel versus non green hotels.

“This data confirms something we’ve long suspected,” says Alison Presley, manager of Travelocity’s Travel for Good® program. “Our eco-friendly hotels care deeply about the entire experience they provide and that attention to detail translates into an awesome stay overall.” When the company studied the reviews for green hotels, a great green trend emerged. Consumers gave 83 percent of non-green hotels three smiley faces or more–but they gave a whopping 94 percent of green hotels three smiley faces or more.

Travelocity currently lists in excess of 2,000 hotels in its Green Hotel Directory.

Travelocity doesn’t just promote eco-friendly products they actually “walk-the-talk and works hard to reduce its own footprint and to promote sustainability within the travel industry and has achieved LEED-certified Silver at its headquarters. Also Travelocity and its customers have helped The Conservation Fund plant more than 24,000 trees across five national wildlife refuges that will trap an estimated 25,400 metric tons of CO2 over the life of those forests and is a founding member of the Tourism Sustainability Council.

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5 thoughts on “Travelers want to go green when booking a hotel

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  2. Who is going to argue with planting 24,000 trees.? But surely this is merely just another industry, namely forestry. Then what will happen to that carbon when the trees die?
    Why not use the money to protect the rainforests and other natural forests around the world that are under pressure as companies fell them to grow soya, palm oil trees and sugar cane in order to supply the meat industry, bio-diesel and food industries and bio-ethanol industries. Rainforest destruction is one of the biggest producers of greenhouse gas.
    Browsing some of the hotels on this list, I was surprised to see huge rooms which must use vast amounts of energy to heat or cool opposed to compact rooms. Rooms were equipped with huge flat screen TV’s with even mini bars. Since when was a mini bar green. If you want a drink get it from the hotel bar or room service.The hotels all have swimming pools which consume vast amounts of energy, water and chemical. I could go on, but attaching a green label and claiming green credentials in the HQ doesn’t make a hotel green. The whole operation needs to be audited and approved.

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