Millennium Hotels and Resorts are committed green hotels working towards preserving the environment

Millennium Hotels and Resorts is committed to preserving the environment with eco-friendly initiatives not only across all their 15 U.S. hotels but also as well at the corporate level. This is a great initiative at Millennium sees as s a first step of the company’s long-term focus on being “green.”

Their plan consists of the following initiatives:

• Raising awareness of sustainable development issues across all of the Millennium U.S. properties.
• Promoting environmental purchasing and supply process and procedures across their properties.
• Monitor progress of implementation measures arising from hotel assessments.
• The establishment of a “Green Committee” at every property, headed by an Executive Committee member.

• The selection of eco-friendly suppliers from the Avendra procurement program

Some of the initiatives that are under way are:

ü New, low-energy lighting is now being used within hotels

ü All equipment now being purchased by the properties is EnergyStar® compliant

ü New programmable thermostats in guestrooms eliminate unnecessary energy usage

ü Introduced recycling programs for glass and bottles wherever possible

ü Instituted a program to recycle paper at all corporate and hotel offices and reception desks

Millennium Hotels have also changed their cleaning processes with the end result being the elimination of the use of aerosols in the properties and introduction of eco-friendly cleaning chemicals. They have also now eliminated the use of non-biodegradable Styrofoam cups at all hotels ( a great green initiative).

Guest Participation
Guests can also contribute and do their part by opting to have their linens changed on the second night of their stay, in order to reduce the amount of water used in the cleaning process. They can also participate in the terry re-use program, in which they can hang their towels back on the rack and reuse or simply place the towels on the floor or in the bathtub to be replaced by clean, fresh ones. To assist in saving water each room has been equipped with showerheads, toilets and faucets that conserve water.

Millennium Hotels and Resorts sees this as an evolution and are dedicated to life-long environmental responsibility with their mantra to embrace the addition of new eco-friendly policies as they develop.


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