Philadelphia Hotels Go Green

The PhilaGreen Hospitality Association is promoting sustainability in hotels. The association recently held a seminar where they presented practical ways for Philadelphia’s green hotels to save on their water and electric bills. One seminar speaker from Villanova University discussed practical ways green hotels can lower the new storm water fees.

Marvin Dixon, director of engineering at the Four Seasons is one of the many ‘green shining stars’ in Philadelphia’s green lodging. He and the property’s green team are reducing energy cost at their luxury property by doing some innovative and exciting initiatives. Some of these are;

· maintaining a rooftop garden

· using micro turbines to create their own energy, and

· operating a heat recovery system that warms water for laundry and the swimming pool.

Another grand green hotel is the Palomar, a beautiful eco friendly boutique Kimpton property in the Center City area. With its energy efficient lighting, low flow fixtures and a long list of additional earth-friendly features the Palomar is one of the city’s most sustainable lodging choices for people wanting to stay at eco green hotels.

Stephen Duggan

It is important that all eco friendly green hotels and resorts follow green policies and proceedures. Appropriate certification is also important. They also need to have environmentally responsible furniture, furniture  that is FSC certified, made from reclaimed, recycled and earth friendly materials.


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