7 easy Tips for Traveling Green while you save money too

Here are seven tips for traveling green and saving money at the same time. There’s a lot of savings and eco-friendly things you can do before you even leave the house.

1. Before leaving the house, turn off (or down/up) the thermostat, turn off the water, and unplug all the appliances.

2. Make sure to pack light! You can also save money on those rip off extra baggasge charges that some airlines sting you with. Also less baggage means less fuel being burnt.

3. If you’re driving as part of your holiday…Stop acting like a Racing car driver.
Its safer and you save money by conserving gas.

4. Refuse maid service while in your hotel.
Refusing maid service will reduce the amount of resources, electricity, chemicals, and water used by the hotel.

5. Carry a reusable water bottle with you.
The benefits here are obvious, plastic bottles are the major cause of environmental problems across the globe. In fact plastic bottles take hundreds of years to breakdown. So stay clear of plastic bottles and grab an aluminum water bottle.

6. Let hotel managers know that you chose their hotel because of they have green initiatives and are eco friendly. Choose green every time.

7. While on vacation, dine at local restaurants and purchase souvenirs from local vendors, not chains. Explore and enjoy the area you stay in and support the community that helps you have a great holiday.

Let me know what other great traveling green tips you have.

Stephen Duggan






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