Do not buy products made from endangered plants or animals, such as ivory, tortoise shell, animal skins, and feathers.


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  1. A great way to protect endangered plants and animals, such as ivory and tortoise shell is with a sustainable and renewable nut known as Tagua. Tagua is often called vegetable ivory and is remarkably similar to animal ivory in both looks and feel. It can be utilized for buttons, carvings, and intricate jewelry designs. Tagua nuts are harvested by hand and then cut, polished and dyed to create beautiful works of arts by indigenous craftsmen. Besides providing work for those who need it it also provides a means to help protect the rain forests of South America by reducing clear cutting for less desirable industries.

    The Amazonian Indians believed that Tagua nuts bring prosperity, happiness, love and abundance to those who wear it. Mayans, Incas, Aztecs and natives of South and Central America used Tagua for emotional and spiritual health and well being. To them Tagua is sacred.

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