New Zealand’s Ninety Mile Beach.

Joanne Wadsworth

Let me introduce you to New Zealand’s Ninety Mile Beach. Here’s a picture of one of the most isolated and gorgeous beaches in the world, and being a Kiwi, I just had to bring it to you. The top map is for you to get a grasp of where it is within the country, sitting at the topmost peninsula of the North Island. The second map is of the beach itself and the whole 90 miles runs in a complete, straight line.

Yeah, wow! I drool just looking at all this untouched beauty, and I mean untouched. Because would you believe Ninety Mile Beach is an area with next to no residents? Seriously, I’m not kidding you. There is like a lighthouse overseer at the cape Ninety Mile Beach runs to, and apart from that, perhaps three houses along this entire stretch of land.

Now, to let you in on…

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