Eco hotels around the world

In the business of hospitality

Hotel marketers are looking for new ways to bolster the popularity of eco hotels—accommodations that offer responsible lodging and follow green living practices. Many investors are working on innovative hospitality marketing strategies to find opportunities in the burgeoning ecotourism market and offer consumers with new yet ecological experiences.

The following are some of the world’s most remarkable eco hotels, all proven to contribute to conservation and promote local cultures.

Resembling a huge Rubik’s Cube made from a pile of old metal shipping containers, this budget hotel in Uxbridge, London, does not seem to be the most relaxing accommodation for travelers. But luckily for guests, the designers made Travelodge sleek, stylish, and at par with the quality of more luxurious hotels. This “box and breakfast” accommodation is more cost-effective and faster to construct than its conventional counterparts.

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Three Camel Lodge
At the heart of Central Asia’s Gobi…

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