Top 10 Travel Bloggers to Follow on Twitter

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Jetset Times


twitterIt seems now every traveler has a blog. Some do it as a hobby, and for some, it’s a great way to update family and friends while meandering around the world. Many bloggers promote and market their sites by utilizing the power of social media: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram. We’ve looked into ten travel bloggers on Twitter, ones that have huge followings and each shooting out tweets on a constant, frequent basis.

Check out their websites and follow them on Twitter. There’s lots of helpful information out there about all sorts of traveling, from family-oriented vacations, travel photography to luxury hotel finds. Hit that “follow” button and RT away!

@EverywhereTrip(118,745 followers) Blog: Everything-Everywhere

Gary Arndt has been to  all 7 continents, 116+ countries, all 50 states within the U.S. 9/10 Canadian provinces, every Australian state and territory, over 125 US National Park Service

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