Free Top 8 Worlds Best Environmentally Responsible iPhone apps

Free Top 8 Worlds Best Environmentally Responsible iPhone apps

On this Earth Day Celebration and as the eco green environmental understanding continues to grow, there are more and more people interested in what apps are available that can add eco value to their understandings and tracking. Here is a list of some of the best apps that you can have on your iphone. Join us at The Natural Room and download these great apps.

Earth Hour 60+

In 2007, 2.2 million people and more than 2,000 businesses across the country turned their lights off for one hour in Sydney, Australia. all joined together to take a stand against climate change. In 2010 a record 128 countries and territories joined the global display of climate action. This app helps takes the positive actions of Earth Hour beyond that one hour to all year, by making it easy for you to make and share your planet-saving efforts, while rewarding you for everything you do to help.

Tree Hugger

TreeHugger is the leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream. Partial to a modern aesthetic, we strive to be a one-stop shop for green news, solutions, and product information.


iCarbonCalc is an iPhone/iPod/iPad application from PE INTERNATIONAL,

the Experts in Sustainability. It helps you to determine your contribution to global warming. Professional result diagrams and charts based on proofed datasets help you to understand the composition of your carbon footprint and to identify potential carbon savings.

Define your personal target values and let the climate benefit!

Recycling Tips and News

Regularly updated Recycling News and Tips from various sources. Learn how you can be adopt green living in your lifestyle.

Skeptical Science

Skeptical Science is now available as a free app for the iPhone or iPod. You can now use an iPhone or iPad to view the entire list of skeptic arguments as well as (more importantly) readily access what the science says on each argument.


Find free stuff around you, wherever you go! Using the camera and GPS, giving something away is a snap. Yoink is available free from the app store and we think people who use it are pretty cool.


The Ecoki Reader brings you the best in sustainable lifestyle news, tips, vegan recipes, and hands on reviews.

Sit back with a cup of green tea and the Ecoki Reader and enjoy the best eco news delivered to you daily.

My Water Diary

‘My Water Diary’ is brought to you by the Free Radicals as part of Water Amnesty project.

• Track your water usage over a week and aim to reduce your consumption.

Water is precious. It is a finite resource that is likely to become scarcer in the future. It is something we cannot live without and we are using more of it than ever before. We use it for drinking, cooking and washing but even more water is used to produce things we use everyday like food, paper and even the clothes we wear.

Each day and every day we use about 150 litres of water, a consumption rate which is not sustainable in the long term.

Unless we take action now, climate change, population growth and increased water demand mean that the UK could face a big problem in the future.

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